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Welcome to the home page for John Redmann: Power of Attorney, the show that aims to empower YOU through knowledge of the law. Here you can watch every episode of the show in its entirety, access bonus content including web-only interviews, and view additional information about topics discussed.

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John Redmann

John Redmann, one of Louisiana's most prominent attorneys and consumer advocates, hosts John Redmann: Power of Attorney, a television and internet talk show that empowers its viewers with knowledge of the law. Every episode, John speaks with expert guests on different topics of law. He also answers viewer questions about those topics that are sent in via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Born and raised in New Orleans, John is the son of Chief Judge William “Bill” Redmann (La. Fourth Circuit, dec. 2005) and Ana Maria Redmann (Macouzet, originally from Mexico; dec. 2009). The Redmann name has become one of the most recognized legal names in southern Louisiana. John leads a successful law practice that primarily focuses on handling injury and insurance claims of individuals and businesses. John also is a certified Continuing Legal Education Instructor, regularly teaching other attorneys and students.

John has successfully handled cases nationwide. He has been officially admitted statewide into every level of Federal Court, from District Court level, to Appellate, the LA Supreme Court, and to the U.S. Supreme Court.

John hopes that his proven commitment to serving his clients and this community will only be furthered by the goals of Power of Attorney, an ambitious community and consumer-minded television program.

You can follow John on Twitter @JohnRedmannATTY.

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