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Original air dates: February 25, 2014 & March 4, 2014 What to Do After You’re Arrested, part 1 What to Do After You’re Arrested, part 2 Criminal defense attorney Joe Marino joined the show for a two-part discussion about what to do after being arrested. Click HERE to download the audio podcast for part 1. […]

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Capital Crimes

Original air dates: February 4, 2014 & February 11, 2014 ¬† Capital and Serious Crimes with Attorney Julian Murray, part 1 Capital and Serious Crimes with Julian Murray, part 2 Attorney Julian Murray joined the show for a two-part series delving into the basics (and not-so-basics) of capital crimes and serious crimes in Louisiana: murder, […]

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When Attorney Jake Lemmon joined Power of Attorney, his aim was to help educate viewers on what they need to know about Louisiana DWI Law.¬† Because the law is different in most every state, it is important for people to know what their rights are in they find themselves being charged with a DWI. The […]

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Stand Your Ground Laws

Original air dates: August 23, 2013 & August 30, 2013 First Interview with Judge Calvin Johnson about “Stand Your Ground”   Second Interview with Judge Calvin Johnson about “Stand Your Ground” In the wake of the trial of George Zimmerman, national conversation has surrounded the idea of “Stand Your Ground” laws. Does Louisiana have such […]

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Gun Control

Original air dates: January 22, 2013 & January 29, 2013 Gun Control Debate, w/ LA State Sen. Danny Martiny & Prof. Maurice Franks Answering Viewer Questions w/ Danny Martiny & Maurice Franks Gun Control Debate, w/ LA State Reps. Austin Badon & Kevin Pearson Answering Viewer Questions w/ Austin Badon & Kevin Pearson In the […]

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Domestic Abuse

Original air date: January 15, 2013 Interview With Dale Standifer and Attorney John Krentel About Domestic Abuse Answering Viewer Questions About Domestic Abuse Extended Interview With Dale Standifer About Domestic Abuse Louisiana Domestic Abuse Laws | Protective Orders And Available Services No person should have to live in fear. If you are the victim of […]

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Original air date: October 16, 2012 Interview with Judge Paul Bonin about Expungements Answering Viewer Questions about Expungements Bonus Interview with attorneys Gene Redmann and Matt MacLaren Judge Paul Bonin of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals gives insight to the expungement process. The most important thing to know is that an expungement does not […]

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