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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Original air dates: June 4, 2013 & June 11, 2013

Basics of Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Louisiana

Answering Viewer Questions about Landlord-Tenant Disputes

More Need-to-Know Basics about Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Answering More Viewer Questions about Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Amanda Golob and Laura Tuggle are attorneys for Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to underprivileged people in civil cases. They join the show to explain the issues surrounding housing and landlord-tenant disputes.

Louisiana’s laws are very friendly to landlords, so it is often difficult for tenants to win in disputes. It is important, attorneys Golob and Tuggle explain, for tenants to provide proof of their claims, and that an open dialogue be kept and recorded with their landlords.

Learn more about Southeast Louisiana Legal Services by visiting their web site at .

Learn more about your rights when it comes to housing and many other legal issues by visiting .


*Letters sent to either a landlord or a tenant should be sent via Certified Mail, so that there is documented proof of the letter having been received.

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