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Jefferson Parish Courts

Original air dates: December 24, 2013 & December 31, 2013

Interview & Viewer Questions with Judge Roy Cascio, part 1

Interview & Viewer Questions with Judge Roy Cascio, part 2

Judge Roy M. Cascio of Jefferson Parish’s Second Parish Court joined the show for a two-part series on December 24, 2013 and December 31, 2013.

The Parish Courts of Louisiana

There are two elected judges in each parish court, the other judge presiding in 2 nd Parish Court is Judge Raylyn Beevers. The geographic area of 2 nd Parish Court are the boundaries lying west of the Mississippi River, some may know it as the “Westbank” of Jefferson Parish. In addition, 1 st Parish Court covers east of the Mississippi River, which is the “Eastbank” of Jefferson Parish.

· Civil Jurisdiction- up to $20,000 (not including interest, cost, attorney’s fees, and suits for possession of leased premises up to a monthly rent of $3,000)

· Criminal Jurisdiction- misdemeanor cases, NO felony cases

· Traffic Offenses

· Jury trial prohibited- no jury is present

· Appellate Jurisdiction -only on certain limited cases

What You Need to Know:

· You can be held in contempt for not showing up on your court date. Appear in court on your scheduled hearing date and explain to the judge why you didn’t pay your fine.

· You should have your current address on your driver’s license (esp. individuals that move to an apartment, college students who move away from home).

· By signing a subpoena, it does not mean you are admitting to the charges

· If you get a ticket in another state, you need to pay that ticket. The computers are linked up state to state, so you will get caught the next time you are pulled over. Even if you go to renew your driver’s license, you will get caught.

· Dockets/cases generally move quicker in parish courts (roughly 3 months to settle)

· Some cases start off in Parish Courts, but as time passes and interest or court fees are added on, the case then needs to move to District Court, 24 th Judicial because the case is worth more than originally thought (more than $20,000)

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