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Domestic Abuse

Original air date: January 15, 2013

Interview With Dale Standifer and Attorney John Krentel About Domestic Abuse

Answering Viewer Questions About Domestic Abuse

Extended Interview With Dale Standifer About Domestic Abuse

Louisiana Domestic Abuse Laws | Protective Orders And Available Services

No person should have to live in fear. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, the law provides options for you to obtain necessary help and relief.

Louisiana law provides critical relief for victims of domestic violence. A protective order may:

  • Prohibit an abuser from making further contact in person, by phone, by email or by other means of communication with the protected party.
  • Grant exclusive use and possession of the home to the protected party.
  • Establish a temporary child custody order.
  • Order such other relief as the court deems necessary.

Help is available and you have options.

What You Should Know

During our episode about domestic violence, we spoke with special guest attorney John Krentel and Dale Standifer, executive director of the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children. Dale mentioned the many ways that her organization can help people who are victims of domestic abuse. John spoke about the value of protective orders and the many ways that they can provide relief.

The Metropolitan Center for Women and Children offers services to victims of domestic abuse at no cost. Domestic abuse includes physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. You do not have to be married in order to obtain help. Domestic abuse involves abuse of family members, which is loosely defined to include a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, a same-sex partner, and others with whom you may have shared a close relationship.

Get Help

Dale encouraged victims of domestic abuse who are in jeopardy to call the center’s crisis hotline at 504-433-5550. The center takes time to carefully screen calls and create individualized safety plans that take into account the level of risk you face and the effectiveness of solutions that are available to you.

Help fight domestic violence by supporting the Metropolitan Center For Women & Children of New Orleans. Visit them online at

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