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Debt Collection

Original air dates: May 21, 2013 & May 28, 2013

Interview With Attorney Jack Jernigan About Debt Collection
With Attorney Jack Jernigan

Answering Viewer Questions About Debt Collection
With Attorney Jack Jernigan

Interview With Attorney Jack Jernigan About Payday Loans and Predatory Lending Practices

Answering Viewer Questions About Payday Loans and Predatory Lending Practices

Attorney Jack Jernigan joins the show to talk about debt collection. What do debt collectors due to force debtors to pay their bills? How far are they legally allowed to go? What mistakes do consumers make when using credit cards and paying bills?

John, Shauna, and Jack also explain how debtors should deal with debt collectors. The key is to maintain open lines of communication in writing, and working out payment plans. If necessary, a debt collection attorney should be enlisted to negotiate with the creditors.

Attorney Jernigan also cautions against the use of payday loans and other types of predatory lenders.

Learn more about Jack Jernigan’s practice, The Jernigan Law Firm, by visiting their web site at .

Read about your rights when it comes to dealing with debt collectors under the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Sample Debt Validation Letter to Send to Debt Collectors*

Debt Validation Letter

*While you have the right to stop debt collectors form harassing you with phone calls, it’s a good idea to stay in contact with them. State clearly in your certified letter that the collector should only contact you by mail, that way there is a paper trail of everything said between you and the company.

How to Send a Certified Letter

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