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Buying & Selling a Business

Original air dates: August 13, 2013 & August 20, 2013

Buying & Selling a Business with Michelle Seiler & Damon Kirin, part 1


Buying & Selling a Business with Michelle Seiler & Damon Kirin, part 2

When Sell Your Business for More Than it’s Worth, author Michelle Seiler-Tucker joined Power of Attorney with her colleague, Attorney Damon Kirin, we discussed how buying an already thriving, successful business is becoming increasingly popular and has proven to be a life-changing decision for many.

While you can visit Michelle’s websites for more information, here are a few highlights she shares on Power of Attorney.

Tips from The Leading Authority on Buying and Selling, Michelle Seiler-Tucker:

~The biggest mistake sellers make is they don’t plan their exit strategy. They sell their business when they have to not want to due to a catastrophic event occurring. When this happens the business is typically trending downward. The best time to sell your business is when the business is doing well.

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