Original air dates: March 19, 2013 & March 26, 2013

First Interview with Judge Terri Love

First Set of Viewer Questions for Judge Terri Love

Second Interview with Judge Terri Love

Second Set of Viewer Questions for Judge Terri Love

For our two part series on civil and criminal appeals, we were joined by the Honorable Judge Terri F. Love of the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. We discussed the history of the appellate system, the appeals process and its role in the administration of justice.

If you were displeased with the outcome of your civil or criminal case, you may have many questions about your rights and options. The process involved in criminal and civil appeals are distinct from one another, so it is critical that you have an attorney on your side who has experience handling the type of appeal that is applicable to your case.

The appellate courts do not conduct a new trial, but rely on the record when hearing appeals. Your attorney may not admit new evidence on your behalf. Because it would be too time-consuming for appellate courts to simply retry cases in full, the scope of their review is very limited, including a consideration of key decisions made by trial judges, including rulings on evidence and other legal matters impacting outcome of a case in a fundamental way.


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